Quick Tire Inspection: How to Check Your Tires in Just 60 Seconds

March 22nd, 2017 by

2017 chevrolet corvette z06 wheelTire problems are dangerous—and far too many motorists ignore them until it’s too late. Whether it leads to the inconvenience of a flat tire or the more serious (and dangerous) problem of sustaining a tire blowout at high speeds, tire damage is nothing to be shrugged off.

The dangers and frustrations of a blown-out tire can be avoided by doing a quick tire inspection once a month. Just 60 seconds of checking your tires can potentially save your life. Keep reading to find out more—then see the team of experts at Bill Kay Corvettes & Classics for all your tire needs.

The 60-Second Tire Inspection

In just one quick minute every month, drivers can make sure their car’s tires are up to snuff.

In a well-lit place that is free of dark shadows, take a walk around your car and visually inspect the tires, taking note of the following:

• Uneven treading: Observe the tread wear on your tires. If the tread wear is uneven, this can indicate that the air pressure is off or can even be a sign of alignment, tire balance, steering, or suspension problems. You may need to have your tires rotated or have a more serious issue attended to.

• Cracks and bulges: If you observe cracks or bulges in the tire treads or sidewalls, this is a sign of tire weakness. Cracks and bulges can by caused by hitting a curb or a pothole and should be attended to right away.

• Unwanted elements: Watch for anything sticking into your tire, like screws or nails. The risk of puncture damage is higher if you frequently drive or park in construction areas, on farm properties, etc., but really, punctures can happen anywhere, so be on the lookout.

• Worn treads: The penny test can quickly tell you if your tread is getting too worn down. Push a penny into the top edge of the tire tread. If the tread does not touch Abraham Lincoln’s head on the penny, your tires are dangerously worn down and need to be replaced ASAP.

See the Team You Trust

When it’s time for new tires, the crew at Bill Kay Corvettes & Classics is here to help you and get you back on the road fast. Come in and see us or contact us today for expert tire service you can count on!