How to Deal With a Tire Blowout

March 23rd, 2017 by

A tire blowout can be very alarming—and, certainly, very dangerous. Drivers can be proactive in preventing some blowouts with regular tire maintenance and inspection. When blowouts do occur, there are certain steps motorists should take.

When It Happens

2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand SportWhen a blowout occurs, there are some telltale signs that it has happened.

First, the car will slow down. Depending on which tire blew, the vehicle will also pull either to the left or to the right. A blowout in a front tire can be felt in the steering; a rear tire blowout is felt more in the body of the car as well as the seats.

It is not wise to drive very far on a flat tire, as doing so is not only unsafe but can damage the tire beyond repair and also damage the rim. Only drive far enough to get yourself and the vehicle to a place where it is safe to pull off.

Initial Reaction

As in all emergency situations, when you have a tire blowout it’s important to stay calm. The first thing to do is get yourself and your vehicle out of harm’s way:

• Don’t slam on the brakes; let your vehicle slow gradually.

• Keep a secure hold on the steering wheel.

• Pull off the road to a safe place.

• Activate your emergency flashers.

• Call for help if you need assistance.

Once You’re Safely Off the Road

After these initial steps have been followed and you and your vehicle are safely off of the roadway, keep your flashers on to warn approaching vehicles; you can also put out reflective triangles or cones if you have them in your vehicle.

If you know how to change a tire, locate your spare and follow the tire-changing directions in your owner’s manual. Take note: If your spare is not a full-sized tire, you should not drive long distances on it.

If you don’t know how to change your tire, you’ll need to call for assistance.

Get Help From the Experts

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